Comprehensive Benefits

kindredSun™ helps our country, states and communities achieve their goals

kindredSun™ Schools


  • Extracurricular activity student and program costs.
  • More coaches meaning more student participation.
  • Music, arts and drama programs.
  • Optional teacher's out-of-pocket expenses.
kindredSun™ Home

Home Owner:

  • Retains the ability to donate all or part of their energy savings to community benefit.
  • Locks in lower fixed rates for decades, while converting to clean green solar energy.
  • Receives the same solar energy savings as any other program.
  • Receives supplemental program costs for their families.
kindredSun™ Environment


  • Encourages community participation by providing a balanced individual savings.
  • Equal or greater community benefit per solar system.
  • Resulting in greater and accelerated local investment in solar renewable energy.
  • Vastly increased environmental benefits for all.
kindredSun™ Government

Federal Government:

  • Promotes energy independence.
  • Helps meet national renewable energy goals.
  • Conforms to the EPA goals of promoting environment, economy and social benefits.
  • Increases tax revenues through economic development.

State Government:

  • Helps meet renewable portfolio standards energy goals on or ahead of schedule.
  • Creates new jobs across the public and private sectors.
  • Converts state subsidies to investments.
  • Increases tax revenues through economic development.