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Why financed residential solar systems are the perfect product for community revenue generation:

The key "digital" difference between financing a car and financing a solar array is that your solar payment is based on your systems monthly / annual measured energy output in cost per / kWhr. Conveniently, unlike an auto loan, this is already measured digitally, continuously in real-time. This allows us to easily capture the data and use it to determine monthly benefit revenues distributions to the community, as well as produce fantastic patent pending real-time social benefit monitoring graphics, never before conceived through standard system automation.

Leveraging community involvement.

Measured energy output is the perfect platform or "aggregation vehicle" to digitally track and add contributors, homeowners and businesses, to create an expanding pool of common wealth. Individual consumers benefit when a neighborhood is collectively able to generate surplus power, and they can pass that benefit on to their community to help fund their schools.

Solar Providers who Participate in our kindredSun Solar Power Pledge program can only afford to share energy revenue if the community supports the program.

The question we hear is "why would the solar financing companies give up their profit?" When a community leverages their collective energy output volume, they also create the necessary replacement value for the solar provider and the financing company to meet or even exceed their return on investment requirements. Economies of scale lower their overall costs – dramatically.

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