The Sun's the Source, the Sky's the Limit!

kindredSun™ Foundation

Does this mean no more Fundraising?  


KindredSun's "SPP" replaces your ongoing annual fundraising, with

Clean Green Renewable Annual "Funding"!

The "Tip" and the "Iceberg"

The Community's Potential: Experts generally agree on average 1 in 3 US homes would and could install solar on their roof. Some important factors to consider: Location, home ownership and cost of utility power. When considering a community defined as a "team of solar installations" it creates previously non-existent, positive new factors that literally "change the fundamental justification" for renewable energy itself, and thus the decision factors for each individual as a member of their community.
New charitable community financial benefit, provides potential new tax benefits for the homeowner.
New economies of scale and efficiencies lower costs for the solar providers. This in turn makes it possible to for these providers to "share" their energy stream revenues with the community. These new considerations encourage individual homeowner participation, and challenge the old math of 1 and 3 homes would and could install solar for estimating your community’s total school program fund revenue potential. Add to this equation the proliferation of solar carports and community solar farms – and the "Sky is the Limit".

The Tip: $100k per US School for Annual Program Funding

Example: Create a $100,000 per Year School Program Fund using kindredSun's SPP.
Model Baseline: State: California / Schools Community Population: 100,000

Total Community Potential (TCP): Multiply the community Total Schools Population (TSP) by 50% or (100,000 x 50%) = 50,000. For Total potential multiply by 25%, a reasonable community SPP market share (50,000 x 25%) = 12,500 homes. Multiply 12,500 homes by $5000 the estimated average 20 year term value of the shared energy produced from an average home participating in our program or (12,500 x $5000) = $62,500,000 TCP.

THE ICEBERG! $1-3 Million per School Annual Program Funding

A) Total Community Potential (TCP): $62.5 MM let's call it $60 Million over 20 years, or $3 million per year.
B) Population Participation Percentage (POP): Population needed for to reach (TCP): Take the Participating population (12,500 homes) / (total school population 100,000) = 12.5%. Let's call it 10% or 1 in 10 homeowners.
Conclusion: Divide $100,000 fund by TCP ($3,000,000) = 3% of TSP is needed to participate.

To KISS with a Twist: To "Keep It Solar Simple", add mutual community financial benefit to justification.